Cranfield Mahara Induction Activity 2016/17


Mahara badge April 2017.pngDuration: 30mins

To be able to compile a page in Mahara and share it with a colleague/classmate

You are to create a page in Mahara that showcases key information regarding an animal from the options below (your choice). You must at least include the following:

  • Some text
  • An image
  • A video from YouTube

Once you have created your page and emailed it to you will receive your Mahara Induction badge!

Choose your animal to 'research'


1. Locating Cranfield Mahara:

Go to and log in. Locate the Mahara folder in the menu bar and click on the link:

Log in.PNG

2. Create a page:

Click Create on the dashboard:



Next click on Create page:


3. Enter page details:

Fill out the following fields for your page:

create 3.PNG

4. Add content to your page:

Add text – to add text, drag and drop the text block onto one of the columns on your page and fill in the fields:




Add images (recommended way) – use the Text block, delete the title and click on Image icon


Paste the weblink to the image you want to show in the Image URL box and click Submit


Paste the image credit under the picture and click Save:



Add a YouTube video – Click on External to expand the menu, then drag and drop the External media block into a column


In a separate window/tab, look for a suitable video on YouTube and copy the weblink at the top in the browser:


Back in Mahara, delete the Block title and paste in the weblink in the URL box. Click Save when done:


5. Choose a page theme:


6. Choose a layout:



Drag the blocks around the page using the crosshairs:


Once you are happy with how your page looks, click Display page:


7. Share your page:

For this exercise you will share your page via a Secret URL. Click on Shared by me on the Portfolio tab drop-down menu:


Switch to the Pages tab and click on the globe icon under Secret URLs (please note: you won’t see a Collections tab if you haven’t yet created one):


Click on + New secret URL and then copy the link that is generated:


8. Claim your Mahara Induction Digital Badge!

Mahara300px.pngFor this activity to be deemed complete, you should have created a Mahara page that contains a text block, image & link to source, and a video from YouTube.

Finally, to claim our badge you will need to email your secret URL to the Flexible Learning Support Centre ( who will issue you with a badge via Cranfield Moodle.

  • If you are completing this activity as part of a module, please state which module you are studying on just in case you need to be assigned a group in Mahara.



Image source:


What else could you use Mahara for?

  • CV/Skills portfolio?
  • Project logbook?
  • Reflective journal?
  • Revision resources?
  • Group work?
  • Thesis management?

Need support?

The Flexible Learning Support Centre (FLSC) are here to help.

The team has 3 Learning Technologists who are all users of Mahara and can offer advice and guidance to staff on how Mahara can be used to support learning, and to students who may want to use it independently of their studies (for whatever reason):

Contact them via

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